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WordPress Hosting Made Easy

WordPress hosting can be divided into the following technical aspects: security, speed, updates, daily backups, website up-time, scalability, and website support. We offer packages for multiple websites with unlimited bandwidth for Not-For-Profits, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and stress-free transfers. E-Tech fully adheres to all Content Management System (CMS) hosting requirements.

WordPress Hosting Made Easy

Why do you need Website Hosting?

Website hosting begins with the storage of your files on a server. Web traffic communicates with your server to find your website and accesses your stored files to display pages as you intended them to be shown.

What are Hosting Service Providers?

A hosting service provider procures hardware, software, storage, and network services. They also develop solutions to enable website and database hosting services.

Our WordPress Hosting Advantages

We guarantee that our WordPress hosting services secure our clients by delivering more than the average hosting service provider.

Systematic Approach

When you submit your issue in a ticket, it is assigned to an available expert within 30 minutes. You can expect a response within 2 hours, and daily updates until it is resolved. We guarantee our customers’ satisfaction with quick responses and clear communications.

Advanced Monitoring

Our tools monitor critical windows operating system attributes like disk space, server outages, and windows services. We will monitor your internet service performance, SSL/TLS certificate, FTP, DNS server and websites. The team will provide monthly health reports for your servers, databases, and applications.

High-Speed Performance

We understand that your WordPress hosting environments can overheat. That’s why we have systems that proactively recognize and cool down your infrastructure to deliver the best performance. Our 24/7 support team will immediately capture any performance drops and report any recommendations.

Custom Configurations

We will support and accommodate all websites and 3rd party solutions and provide recommendations. WordPress hosting configurations will be setup for your WordPress instance, such as your templates, which data can be monitored, when that data will be monitored, and who is notified when monitoring is complete.

Flexible Scalability

If your WordPress resource requirements change you can migrate to our dedicated or virtual hosting where you can upscale or downscale hassle free. We can explore a hybrid solution if your future projection doesn’t show large scale changes.

Tailored BCDR

Using the information collected in your security audit we will work together to create your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery procedures. We will ensure this includes easy recovery and restoration of your WordPress data. Daily and monthly backups are taken of your WordPress data and stored in a secure, off-site facility.

Premium Infrastructure

Our datacenters are located in Canada and the United States. They are maintained with the latest hardware available and the highest level of reliability. We ensure your organization’s data is secure and complies with governing laws that are changing often during this digital boom.

World Class Support

Your system will receive expert support from our team of Network Administrators. We will deploy and maintain your system’s capacity, security, operating systems patches, utilization, private & public websites, SQL scripts or queries, and web traffic challenges.

Enhanced Data Security

Recommended WordPress improvements will be communicated and upon approval implemented so that your data and access security policies meet your organization’s standards. Operating system patches will be applied as soon as they have passed your environment tests run by our Senior Network Administrators.

WordPress Hosting Factors

Moving your WordPress hosting system to the cloud brings significant benefits. Your applications will run better on the latest technology, and you will reduce IT management headaches. The expenses and savings can be calculated in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Cloud hosting typically brings more savings when you factor in all the costs of hosting on-premises.

On-Premises Pains

WordPress hosting on your own premises usually means a few people doing a lot of troubleshooting. Whether you are new to hosting or you have hosted for a few years, you likely still want to know how the experts deal with the issues your organization runs into.

The issues of on-premises hosting

  • Network and bandwidth requirements are higher and can impact internal operations.

  • Managing your Internal IT department to handle all maintenance, repairs, and issues.

  • High electricity demands to keep your servers and air conditioning running to maintain the appropriate temperatures.

  • Managing hardware such as: servers, server centric networking technologies, power management & optimization, storage arrays and multiple sets of directly attached HDDs.

Cloud Solutions

WordPress cloud hosting is the ability to make applications and websites available on the internet using the cloud. It pools computing resources from a network of virtual and physical servers, allowing for greater scalability and flexibility to quickly make changes. With E-Tech Cloud we take over the problem solving and give you full support.

The benefits of having E-Tech cloud

  • No cost for energy consumption.

  • Hardware, software, and infrastructure is our responsibility.

  • Network and bandwidth requirements are lower for internal operations because of the reduction in workload.

  • Maintaining your systems is our responsibility, reducing the amount you spend on training and certifications. 

Our Cloud Server Hosting Types

WordPress hosting with E-Tech is equivalent to the standard set by our competitors with additional configuration and security options and faster responses from support. This is because E-Tech is a private cloud provider, so we can access everything directly, restriction free. Our cloud server hosting options will deliver a high-quality cloud experience with enhanced performance and security at the forefront.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated WordPress hosting will allow your organization to have the fastest approval process for hardware. You will have an easy time configuring your hardware with our experts, maximizing your cloud experience.

Virtual Hosting

Virtual WordPress hosting is the best option for your organization if you want the lowest overall hosting costs and the fastest changes to your environment. This is due to having no hardware costs and maintenance fees. The migration to virtual is quickest, and the changes of upscaling or downscaling take effect immediately and are the best value for your spending.

Cluster Hosting

Cluster WordPress hosting is the best option for your organization if you historically have a predictable storage dependency. Your initial setup costs and maintenance fees are the lowest, with equal performance and fault tolerance built-in. Lastly this allows for a hybrid of partial hosting on-premises and E-Tech Cloud.

Industry-Leading Datacenters

Our tier III datacenters provide the industry’s highest level of security and reliability and are all located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our datacenters are built from SSAE 16 type II hardware and multiple GigEE backbone trunks with the certification class CSAE 3416. We guarantee high speeds and performance with 250kVA uninterruptible power systems, routers & load balancers supplying you with 24×7 access. Your data will be secured with CCTV surveillance and monitoring by the security staff. Our proactive response to fire emergencies includes fault-tolerant air-conditioning & fire suppression, and fully redundant core switches for easy restoration.

Industry-Leading Datacenters

Ready to get WordPress Hosted with us?

Ready to get WordPress Hosted with us?