iMIS Migrations

Migrations of all Sizes

Whether you are new to iMIS, or you are migrating from another source, our team is proactively involved in ensuring the transition to E-Tech’s environment is successful. We understand that your iMIS system is business critical and migrating is easy to postpone. Our goal is to work with you to form an extensive plan so you are confident in the migration. Our Certified iMIS Administrators (CiA) and Certified iMIS Professionals (CiP) are experts at succeeding with all sizes and types of migrations and develop a full scope plan so you understand every step of the way before you start.

Our Migrations

Migration Types

On Premises (third party) to E-Tech cloud

Third Party to ASI hosting (iMIS cloud, iMIS 20/20 advanced program)

Third Party to Third party

We migrate all versions of iMIS whether you are going from iMIS10 to EMS or iMIS 2017 to EMS. With our experience in hosting and managing iMIS, we are familiar with the processes of server setups, testing, and Go Lives. We can help you migrate regardless of where you are hosted and who you will be hosted with. We will work with the current hosting and new hosting to ensure security and critical business processes are the top priority. iMIS migrations can seem complex as there are many things that need to be transitioned, we feel confident migrations can be made simple when it is well planned out.

Data Migration Services


Our software migration process involves managing all manual and automated processes such as data extraction, cleansing, loading verification, testing, and implementation.


When migrating websites from different web hosting platforms, we closely manage the content, domain, platform, server, SEO, and other important aspects so that there is a smooth transition.


We have assisted in many cloud migrations for clients over the years. Moving to cloud will give you more benefits including improved scalability and flexibility than on-premises can provide.


When we migrate from your old database we move the data, tables, indexes, views, stored procedures, functions, and triggers to your new or updated database using the best practices and robust protocols.


If you are on an enterprise platform then we can migrate data on your users, groups, and content from one CRM, CMS, or another platform to another.


Our server migrations involve assessing and mitigating security risks, as well as configuring and testing your new environment, so you will have security without sacrificing accessibility to ensure proper business standards.


With our application migrations we manage all the setup files and simplify your setup to only have what you need. We handle security, regulatory compliance, and backup and recovery.


Our storage migrations reduce file size by identifying obsolete or corrupt data. This results in faster performance in which users have access to their data without changing paths or links which will result in improved shared-file access.

Our Migration Business Process

Ensures all your critical business processes are migrated and continue to work

iMIS Roadmap

iMIS Roadmap

  • Train staff on iMIS

  • Evaluate how to best utilize iMIS according to your organization’s needs

  • Develop a roadmap to get your organization up and running as soon as possible

Website Migration

Website Migration

  • DNS management

  • Ensure SSL Certificates are updated

  • Verify that your current website is migrated over and optimized

Environmental Assessment

Environment Assessment

  • Customizations identified that can be dropped, recreated, or migrated

  • Upgrade opportunities identified such as applying most recent iMIS Service packs and Hotfixes

  • Find hardware requirements that will match business needs and with expansion in mind for business growth

Data Migration

Data Migration

  • Verify that all data is captured and properly migrated

  • Ensure that all data is clean and best practices are enforced

  • Help identify which SOA data contracts support the data being migrated

Ready to Migrate your iMIS?

Ready to Migrate your iMIS?