Toronto, ON – January 1, 2020 – Infosec, developers of the market-leading Security Awareness and Training Solution Infosec IQ, partnered today with E-Tech, an award-winning Managed Service Provider based in Toronto, Ontario.

E-Tech is expanding its product portfolio with Infosec IQ Cyber Security Awareness Training to help improve their customers’ ability to defend themselves from cyber security threats at every level.

“We are very excited to add Infosec IQ Security Awareness & Training,” said Ian Evans, President and CEO at E-Tech. “Our goal is to give the best CSAT possible to our clients; to help educate users to keep them the most secure possible, and Infosec IQ certainly does that job.”

The Cyber Security Awareness Training program was bred by the idea that while employees are often considered a security risk, they can become a valuable part of any organization’s security strategy with security awareness training. To fully protect a company, the staff should complete comprehensive cyber security awareness training. Our training includes an in-house or virtual presentation, detailed learning modules, and even a phishing email simulator. With Infosec IQ we have the option to choose from over 1,000 training resources in many different languages featuring different training styles and lengths to match your organization’s culture, keep employees engaged and deliver personalized education to your entire workforce.

About E-Tech:

E-Tech has been providing system support and information technology consulting services to our clients since 2005. We attribute our strength and success to our close working relationship with each and every one of our clients – regardless of size. We design our services specifically to help our clients succeed in today’s complex business environment, keeping in mind our client’s goals, objectives, and bottom lines. Since our inception, we have been establishing a strong bond with small to medium businesses and not-for-profits by delivering cyber security protection, website hosting services, IT support solutions, and website design services.

About Infosec:

Infosec’s motto is “Together we’ll put cybercriminals out of business.” They are proud to be recognized with over 50 awards under their belt, they are honored to be recommended and trusted by clients and industry leaders worldwide.

Infosec is driven by smart people wanting to do good, they help IT and security professionals advance their careers with certifications and skills. At the same time, they empower all employees with security training to stay cybersafe at work and home.

It’s what they do every day — educating individuals and organizations to defend themselves from cybercrime and equipping everyone with skills and confidence so the good guys win.